Nazel+Maki on the 26th


Table Numbers & Escort Cards

Since our theme is “Time”, we initially thought that our table numbers will be time themselves. Haha does it make sense?

We thought we could name our tables like: 1:00 AM, 7:00 PM, and so on. Then we could display a printed clock with the hands pointing to what time that table is. Confusing again I know. Sorry, it’s just a bit hard to explain.

Here’s the sample that I designed:

At first it posed a problem for us since we’re having 200 guests. It means we’re having at least 20 tables and we only have until 12:00 right? So we decided why not divide them to mornings and evenings? That way, we could have 24 table numbers. :)

When I suggested this idea to Maki, he immediately thought of something that will go along with our table numbers: escort bands! Instead of having escort cards, we’re going to have escort bands much like the ones they put on you when you enter Enchanted Kingdom, or Disneyland. I know this will be an issue at first for the guests but they could remove it once they enter the room so it’s okay. 

Here’s a sample of our escort bands:

It’s much longer than this for those with big arms. :P

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Supplier Spotlight: Diamond Hotel

I’ve been meaning to delay this post because aside from reserving our date, I haven’t done anything with them yet…

Initially, when we started planning by ourselves, we knew right then that our wedding will be on a budget. We didn’t want to spend a lot for the reception and food because, seriously, I just can’t stand spending more than P500 for one plate. My POV is really selfish when it comes to feeding the guests. Yes, the reception is all about the food, but whenever I attend events such as weddings, debut, etc, I never found the food tasty at all, whoever the caterer is. And I seriously mean all events. I don’t know why I look at it that way, but I just do. I’d rather feed my guests food from a restaurant than spending lots of money from a caterer. Yep, I’m generalizing I know. But I attended different food tastings from various caterers, and I haven’t found anyone worth their price.

So… our original plan was to rent a modern venue (the ones listed in my previous post) and get Quido’s or Patio de Tata Roque as our caterer. Ironically, we are more particular with the styling of our reception rather than our food.

Then poof, when Hunny’s mom found out about our plans, she wanted to gift us our reception in Diamond Hotel. And, who can say no to that? :) Our budget wedding is turning out to be our dream wedding after all!

When we saw the Grand Ballroom and Constellation, my initial impression was, I super want the Constellation. It’s in the 27th floor, modern furnishing, and it has an overlooking view of the Manila Bay. Unfortunately though, it’s a rectangular room, so some tables will have significant distance from the couple’s table.


So in the end, I was overruled by everyone. Lol. Hunny, my parents and his parents were in love with the Grand Ballroom. The Ballroom is gorgeous but I guess I really wanted the view of the Constellation.

Grand Ballroom

We booked them the same day as our Church. And as a bonus, we were able to see an actual setup of the ballroom since there’s a debut on that day. When I saw their new spandex chairs, it made me super duper excited. Since as I’ve mentioned that we are more particular with the look of the place, I was not really happy with the chairs they were using since it looks more like a skirted monobloc when you look at the picture (although it’s not really a monobloc). And to my surprise, the spandex chairs are available in black, one of our motif!

Yay for the black spandex chairs! Lol.

Now, for the price, well, it can’t be denied that it’s really pricey compared to our original plan. However, I believe it is still cheaper than Sofitel, Shangri-la, Manila Hotel, and Manila Peninsula Hotel. 

I also find our AE very accommodating to our needs, and plus, she’s really bubbly! As for the food, I’ll blog it another time once we have our food tasting with them. All in all, so far so good.

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First Ocular: Whitespace Manila

After weeks of endless research for venues, we finally have our shortlisted venues in mind. Budget is the primary factor, but along the way, we realized we wanted to hold our reception in a contemporary or modern space.

We are only expecting 150 guests, but we wanted a high ceiling and a spacious one. These venues fit the bill:

  1. Whitespace Manila
  2. The Tents at Alphaland Southgate
  3. The Big Tent QC
  4. The Loft @ Manansala
  5. Le Pavillion

Last Saturday is our first ocular inspection. We went to Whitespace Manila in Chino Roces around lunch time prior to attending the Kasalan 2011 bridal fair in SM Megamall.

Our first impression? It’s… White.

The interior is like a plain canvas and we really like it. There will be none or at least minimal stuff that could disrupt our theme. The white interior is just perfect for mood lights.

As for drapes and swags, in my opinion, there is actually no need for them because well, the ceiling is just so high! I think a mid ceiling props would do just fine.

The photo below is Hall A. There was actually a party at that time but nevertheless, we were able to grab some shots. Their fiesta hangings actually gave me an idea of hanging DIY vases with flowers instead of swags.

The photo shows only the half of Hall A. We weren’t able to go inside to shot the whole place but in my opinion it is enough for 150 guests.

Hall B (the photo below) however is huge. The staff there told us it could fit around 300. It definitely could and it would still be spacious.

In  general, the place is nice. I believe it is not that palasak and you can be creative in decorating. The downside is the cost. I don’t mean the cost of the venue but the cost of the styling. In my opinion though, lights and a good table arrangement will do the trick.

Their amenities are just the essential ones. Their comfort room are spacious and air-conditioned. They also have caterer’s galley. As for dressing rooms, unfortunately, it’s only available when you rent the whole place. Basic lights are included, however I wasn’t able to ask if there are any restrictions on electricity usage (how many amperes are available).

The exterior however is an entirely different matter. Whitespace was a warehouse turned events place, so the exterior isn’t really attractive. But, they do have an ample amount of parking space to make up for it. But well yeah, photo ops is a no go outside. :(

Verdict: WS is on the top of our list. We like the place, the proximity to our prospect church, and most importantly, the cost. What I specially like about the price is that the caterer’s fee is refundable as well unlike other venues.

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