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Our Love Story & E-Session Ideas

It’s almost March, and we still haven’t finalize our concept for our prenup. We’re supposed to be panicking already, but alas, we’re too busy to panic.

The reason why our theme is time is because, we’ve been keeping track of lots of dates ever since we got together.

The first time we talked “closely” (ehem!) which is our Noodle Day since he was secretly treating me (only me!) noodles because it was his birthday. 

Then the first time he said “I love you” is our Haagen Day. Well, basically because it was our first date (but it was a group date so it doesn’t really count) and we ate at Haagen Dazs in MOA because I need to shoot there for my project in school.

Then of course, our “First Kiss Day”.

Then finally our “Five Point Seven” which is the day he said yes to me. Yup! To me! Here’s the full story in my very old multiply account.

Anyway, there are still lot of days that we do celebrate every month and every year. We want to tell those stories in our prenup. 

What we’re thinking is we should make a generic sign that will be included in the pictures that labels that specific day. Then we’ll just re-enact it in some way or another. 

I don’t know if you notice but, most of the days involves food! Haha, need to procure it too for props!

I just hope we can finally plan this soon! It’s less than 100 days til our big day!

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