Nazel+Maki on the 26th

Table Numbers & Escort Cards

Since our theme is “Time”, we initially thought that our table numbers will be time themselves. Haha does it make sense?

We thought we could name our tables like: 1:00 AM, 7:00 PM, and so on. Then we could display a printed clock with the hands pointing to what time that table is. Confusing again I know. Sorry, it’s just a bit hard to explain.

Here’s the sample that I designed:

At first it posed a problem for us since we’re having 200 guests. It means we’re having at least 20 tables and we only have until 12:00 right? So we decided why not divide them to mornings and evenings? That way, we could have 24 table numbers. :)

When I suggested this idea to Maki, he immediately thought of something that will go along with our table numbers: escort bands! Instead of having escort cards, we’re going to have escort bands much like the ones they put on you when you enter Enchanted Kingdom, or Disneyland. I know this will be an issue at first for the guests but they could remove it once they enter the room so it’s okay. 

Here’s a sample of our escort bands:

It’s much longer than this for those with big arms. :P

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