Nazel+Maki on the 26th

hi hi! congratulations! i wanted to ask you about the site inspection you did of whitespace! i already emailed them but i was hoping to get more info from you! how were the rates like? was the exterior really ugly, or is something we can fix with some designing and decorations? i hope to hear from you!

Hi! Sorry if I wasn’t able to reply right away. Anyway, regarding whitespace, the interior isn’t bad at all. It’s white and modern looking. It looks really clean on the inside. It depends on your requirements but the place is really a canvas if you really want to personalize your decors.

As for the exterior, they have a large parking space for your guests. But they have no gardens or something for picture taking. The rates are reasonable specially since almost all their corkages are just deposits you can get back once the event is over. I’m not sure though if they still have the same policy.

Hope I was able to help! :) thank you for visiting my blog. :)

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