Nazel+Maki on the 26th

Done with our canonical interview today. We were so scared what might happen since we were 30 minutes late because of the unexpected traffic in Osmeña highway. No issues though thank goodness.
Got our marriage banns signed too :)

Done with our canonical interview today. We were so scared what might happen since we were 30 minutes late because of the unexpected traffic in Osmeña highway. No issues though thank goodness.

Got our marriage banns signed too :)

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My brand new hair color and Trial with Tippy D.

Since I got the same advice from two different HMUA for my hair color, I decided to give it a try. I was super reluctant to give it a go at first since I’m not really the type of person who is into hair colors. I love my jet black hair, but, I thought to myself that I won’t do anything drastic as this for any type of event, I gave it a go since it’s my wedding and I have ample time before May to fix it if anything goes wrong.

So there I go, called up our hairstylist and got my hair done. And the verdict? I loved it. For some reason, I think it softened my face a bit, and it really looks good in pictures. It brightens up the face and all that. I’m just thankful that it suited me. Well that’s as far as I know, and also based from the comments I so far received. :)

Anyway, fast forward to this week’s trial with Tippy Destacamento, and below is my before and after look. Both shot inside of the car haha.


After three trials with three HMUA, my mom and the rest of the team bride decided to go for Cherry Pacheco. They just love the look she did for me. Teden! HMUA woes are done at last.

Frankly, it was the most exhausting as of now. The studios of those HMUA are really far from my house. I’m just glad I could finally book one. Phew.

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Finalized Invite Design

I said this before, but you see, the first thing both of us ever accomplished was our monogram. The clock hand thingie on the upper right side.

I finished designing it even before he officially proposed to me. And with that, I also had a design in mind for our invitation wheel.

I saw the invitation wheel invite in Etsy and I thought it’ll be perfect for our theme and well, for us too since it is a bit unconventional. Although the template in Etsy costs a bit, I just did our own. (The perks of being a graphic designer. Haha!)

Anyway, the first draft was just laying down the content chunks and finalizing the dimensions and die-cuts so our supplier could quote us properly. We got a decent price from Craftmaster and since then, I haven’t touched our invites at all.

It’s a good thing I guess that I got stuck in the house for a week (because I’m sick) and have nothing else to do. Tada! Invitation designs finalized! All we need to do now is talk to all those people who must be in there. LOL.

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This is it! This is it! This is it! I can’t believe we have our rings already!

This is it! This is it! This is it! I can’t believe we have our rings already!

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Souvenirs: Pocket Watches

Finally, after a long time of being fickle minded, we finally decided our souvenirs for our principal sponsors.

We always wanted to give away a clock of some sort. Our theme is “Time” so that’s a very clear and obvious memento right? Anyway, the dilemma was, we didn’t want to give wall clocks or desk clocks. We wanted something unique or personal. It took awhile, then just this morning, I thought of pocket watches!

Why not right? They are personal and very elegant. For me they almost seem like a piece of jewelry.

I also found a DHgate who sells nice stuff in wholesale price. The same watches I found in Amazon are there but lower the price. And as a bonus, they can ship here in the Philippines unlike Amazon where I’ll need to use JohnnyAir to ship my orders.

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The Diamond Engagement Ring Illusion (Trivia)

Contrary to popular belief, diamond doesn’t last forever. The industry is built on an illusion, brought by an ad campaign.

Read the full article here.

And, being in an advertising industry, I think, this is one of the most successful campaigns out there.

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Braids and Hair Color

All I know is this, from the moment I was made aware that braids and HMUA exists, I swore to myself that once in my life, I would wear that kind of hairstyle in a formal event.

Apparently, the universe was not in the mood to agree with me. The first time was back when I was chosen to be a flower girl. Unfortunately, being a flower girl means you’re stripped of any decisive rights regarding your looks. Whatever your hairstyle is, to everybody, you look cute. Aaaah, the perks of being a little girl.

Moving on, my first communion. Well, I did get my hair braided that day—however short it may be. Unfortunately, back when I was a kid, my mom refused to let my hair grow to touch my shoulders. So there it was, my almost-braided hairstyle.

What came next was my uncle’s wedding. I was a junior bridesmaid then. I had all the requirements then: long hair and a known salon (I believe it was Jesi Mendez). I got an almost-braided hairstyle yet again. The stylist didn’t do any braids at all and just twisted some strands of my hair. Pfft.

Next up, my soiree. Apparently, whoever my hairstylist was at that time is either lazy or didn’t know the mechanics and physics of braids. I have no idea how my hair ended up like… well, a messed up bird nest.

Anyway, fast forward to my threshold (that’s what we call our HS Prom), I didn’t have the luxury of time to get my hair braided. We arrived late at the salon, so I had to settle for a simple updo. My fault this time.

Then came the grad ball. Well, I had a change of heart. I forgot all about braids and told myself I want to let my hair down with curls. No regrets there.

Now, after 6 years, I’m finally getting married, and I think, this is the grandest day where I can wear anything I want and be the star right??? I told all my prospect HMUAs that I want a braided updo. Unfortunately.. my hair color doesn’t really compliment the hairstyle.

It turns out, braids look good on people with hair color and highlights. I was told that if I would want a hairstyle with braids and similar texture, I could opt to color my hair.

Imagine my horror. I love my black hair. I didn’t want to have my hair colored since I’m afraid it might get dry or something. I just settle for the less potent treatment cellophane. But, this is my wedding day… decisions decisions.. hhmm.

And there you go… poof.

I had my hair colored last weekend. And so far? I’m loving it. Now I realize why braids look good with colored hair and highlights. Now that I got my own approval, I’m definitely keeping the color ‘til the big day.

At last, my braid!

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Well, since most of our suppliers are already booked, I looked up NSO’s e-census website regarding CENOMAR.

Well, this one is for sure: I didn’t expect it would cost us P415 for each copy and another P315 for each copy of the birth certificate.

Rip off. Tsk tsk tsk.

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Quest for my HMUA

Wow, it’s been a month since my last update. I think we finally got our much needed break from the wedding preps. Not to mention our freelance stuff need some undivided attention.

And so, here’s a little bit of kwento about our quest for my HMUA on the big day!

Option 1: Pong Niu

I inquired with a couple of makeup artists that were highly recommended in W@W and eventually picked Pong Niu from the list.

Aside from her portfolio, I saw some shots of James (our photographer) where she was the hmua. And I loved it. I’m not too much into natural look, as I want to have a dramatic makeup. No bare eyes and pink lips for me. :)

Fast forward to my trial with her, I must say, she’s really hygienic when applying makeup. She makes sure that no part of her skin touches your face. How cool eh? Anyway, I told her I prefer airbrush makeup, but she told me that my skin doesn’t really need it so we went with traditional instead.

She did a lot of prepping for my face. I believe she put on some matte-ifying creme on my face, which I really like. The makeup session was quite long. I observed that she’s really meticulous with her work and that’s really a plus.

Not only her, but her hairstylist that time (I forgot the name) was very attentive to my hair.

I loved both of their works, but, there are some parts that I really didn’t like. First were the eyebrows. She used brown for my eyebrows and applied it too thick. It felt like I’m a drag queen. She used pink lipstick, which is not really my color. This is not a major issue since I wanted to try it anyway. Lastly, although my makeup is flawless, it felt really heavy on my face. I’m not really built into using heavy foundation stuff. Not to mention, I told her firsthand that I’m acidic, that my face gets darker overtime when using makeup, but unfortunately she wasn’t able to compensate for that. When I got home, my dad didn’t like how I look.

For the hair, I have no qualms about it. It was really good. The hairstylist was really into it, I can tell! And it really paid off. My hair was excellent.


Unfortunately, I booked her right away, so I had to tell her a week after that I’ll be using the DP for my prenup instead. :(

Verdict: Makeup has a chance, hairstyle is excellent!

Option 2: Cherry Pacheco

I forgot where did I saw her name, but I think she was highly recommended in GT. Her rates are quite high compared to Pong, but judging from her portfolio, her makeup with chinitas is good.

Fast forward to the trial, I loved the fact that she asked me a lot of questions first. Questions like, what brands do I use, what shades I’m inclined to and vice-versa, etc. It is really important to me that my HMUA understands what I would want to look on my big day. That’s a big plus.

This time, I really want to try airbrush, so we did. And, guess what, I really loved it. It feels so light on the skin! Not only that but much faster too. I don’t know if it’s supposed to be that way but, the airbrushing itself was really short compared to the time I had with Pong and her conventional foundation.

I also told her I prefer redder shades for my lipstick. Either red orange or red pink. We opted for red pink since I told her that my bouquet will be in purple and pink. In the end, it suited me. Super duper love. No light pinks for the big day! Woot!

Unfortunately, her hairstylist was a bit lazy with my hair. I don’t know if lazy is the right term but she just doesn’t know what to do with my hair with all the pegs that I’ve showed her. She used too much hair spray for a half-updo. I know it isn’t supposed to be that way. In fact, the time with Pong’s hairstylist, he barely used any hair products, but it still looked neat and good.


Verdict: Makeup good, hairstyle bad.

Option 3: Fanny Serrano

The daughters of my mom’s close friend had their makeup done by Fanny Serrano. They all loved the work he did and they insisted that I should have a trial with him too.

His rates are definitely higher, but for some reason, his trial session is the cheapest among the three.

I do hope that he could do airbrush makeup too because as far as I know he only do traditional.

I’ll be having a trial with him next weekend.


I must say, looking for HMUA supplier is the hardest as of now. It was always easy for me to shortlist and pick my supplier. I only meet with a supplier if I already have some plans on booking them. This is even true for my gown designer, I didn’t meet anyone but her. But I guess you really can’t avoid it with HMUA. I do like getting my hair and face done, but it is a bit tiring and not to mention expensive!

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Keeping the Memories

When my mom asked me the rates of our photographer and videographer, she was literally shocked.

It’s more than half of our budget for our reception, she said. She asked why, and so there I was, explaining to her why investing on a good photographer and videographer is a good idea.

I’m a selfish and vain person but at the same time, I’m not the type who likes social gatherings (I’m quite an introvert). Given my personality, it is quite obvious what are my priorities in our wedding.

My priority is us. I want to splurge on something that will remain even after the wedding is done. Even if I don’t look at the pictures and videos every waking moment, it is still something that will remind us of that day. I don’t want to settle for the “okay na yan” shots that doesn’t capture the feelings of the wedding. Memories are ephemeral, and the 2nd closest tangible thing we could have to represent those are the pictures and videos.

So, my personal tip for all the couples out there, even if the expensive food will get you praises from your guests, at the end of the day, it’s not them that matter. But the two of you. They may remember the food for a week, a month or a year, but wouldn’t you rather spend on something that will capture the memories, that even after a decade, you can look back and feel the moment again?

I’m such a vain bride but, my hunny agrees with me and that’s all I need. Why? Because, the 1st closest tangible thing to the memories of the wedding day is none other than my fiance. Right? ♥

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