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Hi! Great site! Are you a designer as well? Galing! Congrats in advance to you and your hubby! :)

Thank you so much! Anyway, yup, I’m a web designer by profession din. :)

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Sneak peak on our E-Session props. Excited!

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Church Sessions: Marriage Counselling

We just attended the last required session from Don Bosco yesterday (March 7, 2012). We didn’t know what to expect since I didn’t find any information or stories in any blogs.

Anyway, I don’t know why it’s called marriage counselling since the attendees aren’t married yet. It should be called pre-marital counselling instead to avoid confusion hehe.

The session is 1-hr long. Unlike the pre-cana where there were a lot of speakers, this time the speaker is just the parish priest. The talk is all about the scriptures and doctrines of the church regarding marriage. Unlike the pre-cana where it’s more on the practical situations, it is more technical in a sense. Just imagine you’re sitting in your Theology class during college. That’s the best comparison I can come up with.

This is just based on our experience. I think that the sessions in Don Bosco always depend on who the speaker is. So there, that concludes our requirements for the church. Yay!

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Our Love Story & E-Session Ideas

It’s almost March, and we still haven’t finalize our concept for our prenup. We’re supposed to be panicking already, but alas, we’re too busy to panic.

The reason why our theme is time is because, we’ve been keeping track of lots of dates ever since we got together.

The first time we talked “closely” (ehem!) which is our Noodle Day since he was secretly treating me (only me!) noodles because it was his birthday. 

Then the first time he said “I love you” is our Haagen Day. Well, basically because it was our first date (but it was a group date so it doesn’t really count) and we ate at Haagen Dazs in MOA because I need to shoot there for my project in school.

Then of course, our “First Kiss Day”.

Then finally our “Five Point Seven” which is the day he said yes to me. Yup! To me! Here’s the full story in my very old multiply account.

Anyway, there are still lot of days that we do celebrate every month and every year. We want to tell those stories in our prenup. 

What we’re thinking is we should make a generic sign that will be included in the pictures that labels that specific day. Then we’ll just re-enact it in some way or another. 

I don’t know if you notice but, most of the days involves food! Haha, need to procure it too for props!

I just hope we can finally plan this soon! It’s less than 100 days til our big day!

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Table Numbers & Escort Cards

Since our theme is “Time”, we initially thought that our table numbers will be time themselves. Haha does it make sense?

We thought we could name our tables like: 1:00 AM, 7:00 PM, and so on. Then we could display a printed clock with the hands pointing to what time that table is. Confusing again I know. Sorry, it’s just a bit hard to explain.

Here’s the sample that I designed:

At first it posed a problem for us since we’re having 200 guests. It means we’re having at least 20 tables and we only have until 12:00 right? So we decided why not divide them to mornings and evenings? That way, we could have 24 table numbers. :)

When I suggested this idea to Maki, he immediately thought of something that will go along with our table numbers: escort bands! Instead of having escort cards, we’re going to have escort bands much like the ones they put on you when you enter Enchanted Kingdom, or Disneyland. I know this will be an issue at first for the guests but they could remove it once they enter the room so it’s okay. 

Here’s a sample of our escort bands:

It’s much longer than this for those with big arms. :P

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Church Sessions: Canonical Interview, Pre-Cana, & Marriage Counselling

I must admit, when the Christmas season kicked 2 months ago, Maki and I both decided to halt all the wedding preps we’ve been doing. It’s not that we’re busy but we needed a time-off from all the worries and just enjoy the holidays. I’m glad we did because when January came, we felt refreshed, excited and giddy again about everything. Haha.

Anyway, I would just like to say that when we were in the midst of not knowing stuff about weddings, what really helped were the stories from the blogs of random people I stumbled upon in the net. Now that we’re halfway through our preps, I think it’s our job too to pass on the experience eh? :P

Canonical Interview

I read my past post regarding our canonical interview with Don Bosco and realized that I didn’t really put any details on how it went.

Our interview was short. It lasted for not more than 10 minutes I think? I don’t know if this is really the case with the rest of the couples in Don Bosco but I believe what happened was, the couples before us took a lot of time that when it’s our turn, it’s already past six. I know the employees are eager to go home and the priest just went out of his way to cut our interview short. 

There were no difficult questions at all. The parish priest just asked us our names, our respective parish, our date, whether we’re already confimed and so on. There were no subjective questions like “Why are you getting married?” etc. It was really a relief because I kept on reading some stories where the priest really acts as an inquisitor. We were really nervous while we were waiting that day.

Pre-Cana (Warning: I don’t mean to offend anyone, but take note that the following is coming from me, who is not a religous person.)

Oh, the dreaded pre-cana. I’m sorry to say, but I’m really not the type of person who is patient enough to sit down and listen to sermons. There are some things that I disagree with the Catholic Church and that’s the number one factor why I find it hard to sit and listen to biased teachings. 

Anyway, the pre-cana started 8 in the morning. We’re late for 15 minutes but it was okay since the first hour is alloted for the registration. Before it officially started, we were each given a worksheet to answer. Then after that, there’s a short getting-to-know session between each couple and one of the facilitator. Basically, it was like a repeat of the canonical interview.

After the getting-to-know part, the lectures officially started. There were a lot of talks lined-up. Each talk is around 30-60 minutes long. Some of the speakers were fun to listen to, but some, I’m afraid, just read what’s written on the powerpoint.

There was a morning break in between the morning talks and they served us pancit. Which is really nice since everyone is really sleepy (and hungry too. haha). 

Come lunch time, they served us free food from Jollibee. It was hassle free, you really don’t have to leave the compound at all. 

After lunch, the talks were resumed. Around 3-4 in the afternoon, they served free merienda. :)

The talks continued until 6 in the evening.

Some of the talks were really useful and inspiring. Maki and I even talked about it afterwards. They weren’t entirely sermons where you couldn’t relate at all since it seems so righteous. It wasn’t like that. It was down to earth, something every couple could relate to even if you’re really not that religious.

After the pre-cana, we were then asked to collect our certificate 3 days after.

Marriage Counselling

Our marriage counselling is scheduled this March 7. I have no idea what goes on in the counselling but, I remember I was told that it is just short. Around 1-2hrs I think. I’m not entirely sure at the moment. I’ll ask Don Bosco this coming weekend about it and will update this I promise. :)

I hope this will help future couples in anticipating what really happens in all the sessions you need to attend before you can have your big day. :)

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It’s a bit late, but I am quite fond of our WYB cards.

It’s a bit late, but I am quite fond of our WYB cards.

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Our super lovely wedding cord c/o Aimee of LoveMeKnots just arrived today!

Our super lovely wedding cord c/o Aimee of LoveMeKnots just arrived today!

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hi hi! congratulations! i wanted to ask you about the site inspection you did of whitespace! i already emailed them but i was hoping to get more info from you! how were the rates like? was the exterior really ugly, or is something we can fix with some designing and decorations? i hope to hear from you!

Hi! Sorry if I wasn’t able to reply right away. Anyway, regarding whitespace, the interior isn’t bad at all. It’s white and modern looking. It looks really clean on the inside. It depends on your requirements but the place is really a canvas if you really want to personalize your decors.

As for the exterior, they have a large parking space for your guests. But they have no gardens or something for picture taking. The rates are reasonable specially since almost all their corkages are just deposits you can get back once the event is over. I’m not sure though if they still have the same policy.

Hope I was able to help! :) thank you for visiting my blog. :)

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